We have over 15 years of experience in flying with and instructing on Rotorway helicopters.

And since 5 September 2014 we are an official easa ATO (FR.ATO.0182.) specialized in instructing on Rotorway Exec 162 and A600 Talon.


min 45 hours + skilltest


A PPL(H) consists of at least 45 hours of flying of which 10 hours are solo and theory classes.

The exact amount of flight hours required to get up to a good standard is highly depending on how fast a student learns and how frequent a student is available. After your skilltest a pilot is aloud to fly anywhere in the world with or without passengers

- Requirements : class 2 or 1 medical licence


min 5,5 hours + skilltest


A typerating consist of a minimum of 5,5 flight hours and 5 hours of theory, it is possible to do your typerating in just a few days. During your typerating you will get acquainted with the parts of a Rotorway exec or talon how they function and how to inspect them prior to your flight.

-Requirements: class 1 or 2 medical

PPL or CPL license




Do you want to do your PPL but you are not quite sure if helicopters are really your thing? Why don't you stop by and experience your very first flight .


5 hours flying + 8 hours theorie


Before you can make solo off airport landings on French territory you are required to follow a confined area training course. The course consist of 8 hours of theory followed by 5 hours of flight training. during the training you will perform landings on different types of terrains and on various altitudes. You will learn multiple take-off, landing techniques, the dangers involved and how to properly manage them.

-Requirements: PPL(H)

70 hours total time





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